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 Arias' Awakening

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PostSubject: Arias' Awakening   Tue Apr 17, 2007 10:31 am

'Brother, you fool... I told you that all this hate will be the end of you... I can feel that you're gone...'

Arias stands up, high amonst the thick red mist of Dreadmist peak.

'You was a fool to think that you was stronger than you thought. Mother and Father won't be pleased...'

He looks down at his necklace. On it has three individual tufts of hair. One light blue, One light green and the other dark blue.

'Derias, Tygra and Elithias'

"Brother?" a voice comes from behind Arias.

Arias turns around to be confronted by a young female elf, Syrias, her hair long and flowing a light blue shade.

"Brother, He's gone... Has'nt he, I can feel it..."

Arias turns back around and looks at the floor.

"Yeah... Although... He might not be... completely"

Syrias twitches and walks closer behind Arias.

"How do you mean? You mean to say we can bring him back?"

Arias looks up.

"Possibly, the only problem is that he won't be stable without the strange energies in his body... The balance would be far to much on the past, before the war, before he was afflicted... it would tear him apart."

Syrias turns away.

"So... without the dark side to him... he would'nt be the Derias we knew?"

"Exactly... We have to get that side back... as well as Derias' will to live... He is still alive in that body, but the body cannot take anymore... Half... if not even more of Derias mind and soul has been ripped from it... The will is just gone..."

Syrias looks down and thinks for a moment...

"What if we sent a letter... To the Ravencrest Wardens?"

Arias turns around.

"That might be an idea... But first we need to know who did this to Derias... and where Derias lays..."

Arias closes his eyes and breathes deeply, Syrias nods silently and slowly walks down the hill.

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Number of posts : 36
Age : 29
Localisation : London
Registration date : 2007-02-13

PostSubject: Re: Arias' Awakening   Tue Apr 24, 2007 5:46 am

Dear Ravencrest Wardens

I am writing to let you know that something is not right with Derias. Me and Arias have a bad feeling that he is close to death, but we have no idea where he is at the moment and who has attacked him. Please, could you help us find him and make sure he is okay? We would appreciate this very much.

Yours sincerely
May Elune be with you.
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Arias' Awakening
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