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 About us.

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PostSubject: About us.   Sun Jan 28, 2007 9:29 am

"The comming days of the opening of the Dark Portal, fewer and fewer sentinels showed up for duty. Most likely becouse of the lack of assignement.
That was going through Áríns head when she resived the letter from The High preistess.
"Due lack of assignements here on Azeroth you are here by ordered to disband your unit and form a new one who will head into Outland. Main goals will be to find the whereabouts of the Betreyer, and find any clues about where Maeiv Shadowsong might be after her disapeareance. Call forth your finest, even thou we can not spare much manpower. There for i suggest you recruit hired force to work for us, other races, or jsut someone who is willing to fight for the cause. Our cause and the one of the Alliance".

The Sentinels called forth a meeting this friday evening and handed in their tabards. And thouse who stayed recieved the new ones.
The new task force bares the name of an old legacy in the history of the keldorei, and the world's as whole.
Lord Ravencrest lead the armies of the free world against the first invation of The Burning Legion and they where beaten back, so it seemed a perfect name for the expedition.
After some struggle with getting settled in the Netherguard mages desided to hand one of their keeps in Blasted lands over to the order to use as a base. Mercenarys are now beeing recruited in full force and soon the order will be back to similar strength as the Sentinels once where."

Ravecrest Wardens is a brand new RP guild on Scarsheild Legion RPPVP Server. We have minor intrest in PvP and PvE and do regualr raids with our Allies from the Rp guilds all over the server ( mostly Exiles ) under the name "Intrepid" (www.intrepid.activebb.net).

Who is Lord Ravecrest? http://www.wowwiki.com/Kur%27talos_Ravencrest
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About us.
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