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 Scout Auxesia's Report on Feralas

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PostSubject: Scout Auxesia's Report on Feralas   Sun Jan 28, 2007 8:12 am

You see a parchment lying on the Headquarters' main table


IV Kalendas Feb. 31

I. Feralas

I.I. Ruins of Isildien
I.II Silithid
I.III Eldre'Thalas
I.IV Grimtotem Clan
I.V Camp Mojache

I.I : The Ruins of Isildien

Isildien is now inhabited by Ogres, local people seem to call them the Gordunni. They seem to practice dark magic mainly, but some of them seem to have Shamanistic rituals. They are absolutely hostile. So far they don't pose a threat, but I'll keep an eye on them.

I.II : Silithid

Hostile insects seem to be swarming through Feralas. Their main base is located near the border with Silithus, south of Camp Mojache. A strong force will be required to repel these beings from our lands.

I.III : Eldre'Thalas

We knew Eldre'Thalas, now known as Dire Maul, was infested by Ogres. Recently I've seen several demonic signs however. I believe a group of Satyr now made their home in the Eastern wing. I found myself surrounded by hostile creatures when attempting to investigate further.

I.IV : Grimtotem Clan

Right east of Eldre'Thalas I found a Grimtotem Clan encampment. These Tauren hold a large amount of Sprite Darters captured in a large cage. I managed to free several of them, and fellow members of the Alliance seem to be doing this as well. I do not believe Ravencrest should look further into this.

I.V : Camp Mojache

The Horde encampment in Feralas is growing strong, it is heavily guarded. They are of course hostile as ever, but they seem to be helping us getting rid of the Silithid as well as the Grimtotem. My suggestion is to let them be for now, we could definitely use the help.

~ Scout Auxesia Moonshadow of the Ravencrest Wardens


You put the parchment back on the table
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Number of posts : 15
Registration date : 2007-01-27

PostSubject: Re: Scout Auxesia's Report on Feralas   Sun Jan 28, 2007 8:37 am

You see a short note attached to the paper



They call themselves the Woodpaw Gnolls. We believed them to be friendly but turned out to be hostile, I saw them kill another Kal'Dorei! I will investigate this matter until I know what lies at the base of their agression

~ A.M.

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Scout Auxesia's Report on Feralas
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