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 What I've been up to. (Long, long post)

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PostSubject: What I've been up to. (Long, long post)   Mon Apr 02, 2007 6:55 am

((I wrote this out of memory, except the parts I copied (Ital.) You can skip those if you read it in TDS fourm.
If I did anything wrong lore-wise. Tell me and I change it. Mostly its the age of Dire Maul. I found it somewhere on Wowwiki, and I dont seem to find it again.
I have checked it. 12.000 years since it was created.))

I found my old scrolls. I did have to looks through all of Teldrassil. It seems someone brought them to Shadowglen. Well, I don’t have to rewrite it for you all. It wouldn’t have the same feeling, and that is important. So, instead of telling you, you can reread it. Im not sure of the dates, but it started about 2 months before The Burning Crusade went loose on the world.

I woke up with a scream. My hands where burning. I didn’t remember anything from my dream, but the feeling of panic, uncontrollable panic. It was in every nerve of my body. It was so intense that I could taste it in the air.

I had been out looking for herbs. It wasn’t one of my luckiest days so I decided to take a rest. A couple of minutes ago I had passed a small glade. It was a short trip to get back there. I was laying in the small glade looking at the sky, when in the corner of my eye, I saw something falling from the sky. I was just about to sit up when I fell. It sounds weird, but it was a feeling more then a sacrifice to gravity. I was sucked down by a black nothingness. My mind felt something, or someone, before it went dark.

I can say how long I’ve been laying there, but it was dark when I woke up screaming. I tried to remember what had happened, and it felt like something more was in my memory. Not like a new memory, but like a seal that need to be cracked. Or a shell around an egg, when the chicken is trying to get out. I didn’t know what it was. I’m not sure I want to know. But I’m sure I will now. Soon enough.

Oh, I do have something more that I remember now from the dream. It wasn’t I who had the panic. I was the cause of it.

About 2 weeks later I wrote this.

So, the dreams are back. Not as intense as the first one, but still.

I hadn’t had any for years and years. I wake up at night with the feeling of terror. I still don’t remember why I have those feelings, but the feelings are very clear. When I scream, it is for my victim’s sake. Are there any humanoid that are born evil? Or do they only do what they believe is right? Isn’t it only a different way of looking at the world? No matter what you believe, this is evil. I wake up with echoes of screams. Not from one person, nor from hundreds. It is from millions. I don’t remember why or where. I’m not sure how, but I am sure that I’m involved somehow. And then there is the burning feeling in my hands. I can almost see them glow.

And then after bout 2 weeks again, I wrote this.

There wasn’t one, but two. It’s a conversation, and I can only listen. It’s over my head, or rather beside my mind. No words are spoken, and I still don’t remember what it’s about. But it is 2 entity’s talking. I’m getting nervous, what will happen when I remember it all?

2 moore weeks, you see a pattern here?

Now I know. I remember it all. I’m just afraid of telling. What will happen to me? I need to do some preparations before I tell my tale. I will tell the sentinels only. They are the ones that need to know. Hopefully they can forgive. I don’t want to do what I am about to do, but I do what I believe is the safest way for the Night elf’s. If I can’t control the forces in me, then I better be among the Horde, but if I can, then I will be of great use for the Alliance.

No, it was actually 1 week later that I wrote this. But this is the important part.

It is now time to remember what really happens.

“Feralas is still as beautiful as Darnassus. But not as safe. Ogres have come. Horde have a base there these days. Dire Maul is not to be spoken of. There once was another place there that was seldom heard of. A small village that has no name anymore. A village that protected this beautiful lands from evil. It has gone into oblivion as evil destroyed it along time ago. Even nature itself has forgotten. And there is no trace of it today. All thanks to a careless young child. Me.

It started, as it most often does with children, with curiosity. Children explore the world. Discover and learn to be adults through experience. Sometimes they do mistakes and they learn from them to get wiser. Sometimes things go just terribly wrong.

I was bored, so utterly bored. Adults only say- “Don’t do this, don’t do that.” - “You shouldn’t because it’s dangerous to…” -“Don’t you ever listen to…”
Every child hears that, but I didn’t know that then. I felt like everything was my fault. Nobody ever said anything nice, and all I got was criticism. So I walked away. Out in the beautiful forests of Feralas. Nature was home to me. Like for all night elves. I used to watch trees grow, and talk to animals.
I was looking for a companion. I like cats best. Proud and intelligent. And skilled hunters. And they don’t obey you if they don’t like you. Either they may choose you as a friend, or they don’t. And it was cats I was looking for mostly. Wolf’s are great animals to, but I didn’t like their pack-mentality. They would proudly sacrifice their life for the pack. If I had been the same, the village would have been known, and I would have been dead. Or worse.

I was walking through Feralas looking for company, when I heard something, or rather felt. It was more like an itch in my senses. It didn’t feel too good, but it was drawing me closer, just as a fire draws a moth. It felt close, but it took me hours find. On my search I tried to turn away in another direction, or give up, but it felt wrong. As I come nearer I did close my mind to the searching tentacle of will, which came from the object. I didn’t know why I did it, but it felt right. When I think back, I believe it was the dark itchy feeling that made me close myself. In the darkness under the trees there was a glow of indescribable colour growing as I moved closer. It wasn’t light. It was like a darker area under the darkness of the trees. When I got closer I saw a surface of water. It was from that water the glow appeared.

I moved to the edge of what seemed to be water, and looked down. It wasn’t black, but more of an evil feeling of blue. In there was a pair of black spots starring at me. They looked to be deep down. As I was a child, I kneeled. Though all of my body was screaming against it I couldn’t resist putting my hand down the water. As my fingers broke the surface, I was sucked into the water. The strange mind exploded suddenly in the attempts to take over my will and my body. My whole being started to strengthen my defence. I felt an eternity of destruction in the attack, and a hatred for all living things. And I was about to drown. In my mind I heard screams. A million souls ripped apart. The deaths of beings, in infinite numbers, over times of eternity. And through it all there was a small voice of hope. It was a hope with an evil twist. It was hope of destruction. And a hope of survival. It was my only hope. I took it. I opened a little and my mind was flooded. I couldn’t tell where my mind ended and the other begun. If it’s described as the ultimate evil, its not words enough. It was too much. I passed out.

Of my walk back to our village I only remember pain. Every muscle and every part of my bone hurt. And it was intensified by the evilness in my mind. It was a pure evil consciousness, madness with a will. All I could to was to watch and suffer. And it enjoyed my suffering, and enhanced it. It enhanced it with the pain of immortal souls tormented since the beginning of time.
Suddenly I was back at home. My hands raised to the air. I felt energy building up. Too much energy for my little body. It burst out from my hands, and burned them while doing it. From my hands fire erupted, on to every house in the village, as they were caught on fire. Screams started everywhere. Out of the houses elves run. My hands fell down. A glow begun around my body. Soon the glow around me was stronger then the light from the fires. People looked at me and stopped with what they where doing. Putting out fire or helping others, they stopped. And then I explode. It’s not possible, I know. But that was the feeling. It was time for more fire. Everyone around me caught on fire. It jumped from body to body and back again. But no flesh was on fire, not yet. Only their souls. And again there were the screams of souls ripped apart. This thing inside me was experienced. It had done this so many times, that it didn’t know where or when it started. And it enjoyed it. It sucked ever piece of pain to its mind. And I had to taste it as well. All of it. Then suddenly, just to enhance the pain, fire spread from souls to flesh. Through the air, the smell of burning flesh was mixed with the smell of fear, and the agony was multiplied in thousands. Body’s fell to the ground twisted. Then it stopped. Everyone was gone. No house left. No bodies. And no souls. I fell to the ground. And in my mind was the echo of a conversation that almost didn’t take place, and still was there.
“-He is too small. Maybe we should have waited for someone bigger.”
-“They weren’t coming, they were to strong. You know that.”
-“Yes, I know. But still, we could have waited a bit longer.”
“-It is too late for that now. No point arguing about it.”
“-Let us leave this place. Take him now.”
“-No, this one will live.”
“-He is no use to us anymore.”
“-That is not up to you to decide. He is still useful.”

I woke up. I remembered everything that happened to me. I didn’t know where to go. I left my home that I burnt to the ground. I left twisted bodies that I had burned. I was only a kid. I met a travelling company of dwarves. I didn’t know why they where there. I didn’t ask. I didn’t care. I didn’t even know where I was. And by time my memories faded. I had no use of them. Not yet.

What the dwarves did to help me I have already told. But some memories are better left alone, but this memory? It enjoy to come back to me, I can feel it. Nourishing on my fears at night. Well, I found some herbs that ease my pain. And some that take away my nightmares.

It is now time for my memories to wake up. I have no reasons to keep them back anymore. The Burning Crusade is closing in on all of us. One by one the forgotten pieces are falling into place. I have made up my mind to follow the true heritage of my soul, or rather, what have become of my soul. I will join the Horde as a Blood Elf. Not a true Blood Elf , at least not in body, but in mind and spirit and soul. The Horde, and the Blood Elf’s thereby, stands for chaos, and chaos help my true purpose, when it is time for it to be revealed. From time to time I will travel the world as a Night Elf, but only when it serves my purpose.”

So I had my demons to. But they where very real. I had to leave for mainly 3 reasons. To leave the land that I love and care for. I wasn’t sure if I was a danger or not. It seems that I wasn’t, but I didn’t know that until later.
Second reason is that I would like to find my home. In research I have done it seems like it was under Camp Mojache in Feralas. So I hade to join the Horde to get there. I had no chance of doing it as a Night Elf, and then the Blood Elf’s step forward. I could join their ranks and disguise myself as one of them.
Third reason was to get rid of my demons. I didn’t know how, but I felt an attraction to the Outlands that I couldn’t put my fingers on. I figured that the origin of that feeling wasn’t mine.

As I said, I joined the Blood Elfs. I learned their ways from the start. I travelled and lived the ways of the horde and learned about Blood Elfs, the Forsaken, Orcs, Trolls and Tauren. I find my way in their cities and camps. In land and air. I have done good deeds and bad. I have tried to avoid killing, but I have been forced to defend myself.

And eventually I came to Feralas. I did my duty as a member of the Horde. I also found, well, not evidence, more like hints, that once there was a Night Elf village there. And that it probably been my home. I cant remember about Dire Mail. That is what makes me unsure. Its was build over 10.000 years ago, according to some records I have found. That would mean I’m older then that. Then another question rises, how long did I walked around before the dwarves found me? What have I done in that time? Good? Bad? So I hope, and probably it is, that only my memory fails me. I have to do more research on that.

There was nothing more for me to do there at that moment. (Though I will have to investigate it more) I went to Outlands. I didn’t know what to do there. I wandered aimlessly. There was some satisfaction deep inside me, but it wasn’t mine. I travelled east to west, and north to south. And then I suddenly found myself outside the Black temple. I felt a deep fear. The demons inside me feared this place. I didn’t know why, but it made me curious.
Before they had time to react, I attacked. It was the most stupid thing I ever done, but it worked. If someone knows a demon, its another demon. I was completely outnumbered. They captured me, but they didn’t harm me. It seems like they didn’t noticed me at all. They was completely focused on my demons. And I lost control of myself. They took me to their captain. “So” he said “It is you 2 again. I thought you where gone, or even better, dead.” There wasn’t any sound from me. Captain said “Well, there isn’t any mistake that can’t be corrected. Take them away.”
I/we was locked inside a cage. I don’t know what material it contained, but I/we didn’t even touch the bars. I/we sat in the middle and tried not to touch anything. All around me/us the guardians did taunt me/us, but left us alone. “You are for the Boss” they said.

I don’t know where it was, but I finally meet the boss. I have no idea who it was. They never told me. From now on it was easy for me. And yet it was the part that pained me the most. Boss said to me “You are not needed anymore” and he literary ripped the other beeings from my soul. How can I explain the feeling? Well, I can’t. But I will try. Take 2 Core Hound and tie them to youre chest. Then have them run in different directions. And when you body splits, well, I think you get the point. After that you do it 10 times over. Of course I passed out. I woke up and made my way to Shattrah. I was in Aldor’s in when I was discovered as a Night Elf. I would have been killed immediately if I hadn’t been on neutral ground. So I made my way back to where I belong.

From what I understand, I have been occupied by 2 rogue demons. They had deserted the main army in an attempt to take over Azeroth by themselfs. There is many questions about how, why and when. But maybe it will come clearer to me later. In that case I will put it down in my scrolls.

Now the demons are gone. I know it and I feel it. A giant burden have been lifted from my shoulders. The only thing left is my origin. And that I will search from now on.

There actually is another thing. The demon that liberated me have to die. I will find it and kill it. That kind of power doesn't belong here. It doesn't belong anywhere.
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Number of posts : 56
Localisation : Out hunting.
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PostSubject: Re: What I've been up to. (Long, long post)   Wed Apr 04, 2007 6:47 am

I felt some more explanation on this part is needed. The former parts was to hasty written. So this is more in detail. Enjoy, I know I didn’t…

Was it the Black Temple? Could it be that? I wasn’t aware of what they have taken me. I don’t think its that important. But then again, I will have to slay the demon. Hints have reached my pointy ears on how to get inside The Black Temple. It’s a long way, but it can be done. I will have to find out the demons name. Without the name, I can do nothing but search. I remember when I got “liberated”.

I was outside the Black Temple, and I had to do something. Standing on the desert of ashes, I felt the warmth through the soles of my boots. Inside me I felt recognition and fear. Two deep slumbering awareness's was slowly raising to the surface, and if that happened I wouldn’t be in control anymore. With any clue of why, I made a decision. If those 2 are afraid, then there is a reason why. I probably die while I was doing it. But sometimes you have to take a chance. Behind me a light wind began to blow. I felt it in my neck. I put my hand on Muncher’s head, only to feel him. Maybe for the last time. He knew my thoughts as well as I knew his. Without a command he attack the closest demon. I drew me first arrow and took careful aim. As I released it, I closed my eyes. I felt the arrow on the way, and the hit was a bit of target, but close enough. I knew I couldn’t kill the demons with one shot. But my enemy wasn’t stupid. He felt that he would loose this battle. He gave me a quick glance and made a shout. It was a deafening shout that made my ears go numb. Two more arrows and he would be dead. In the corner of my eye I saw 3 or 4 more demons coming against me. Two fast arrows and one was down. Now I had to do what I came for. O sent Muncher away. No reason that both of us die. I attacked the first one coming up. I but my claws in his stomach from below. And when I aimed my left claw against his forehead, I felt a hot demonic touch on my wrist, and I was caught. I didn’t even turn around, but kicked backwards. I felt my heel on the demons knee and how it folded itself against the joint. And not a sound of pain came from his foul lips. But my leg was caught. Now I fell down. Strong hands grabbed my arms and tied them behind my back. Through Muncher’s eyes I saw my feet sticking out from a bunch of demons, and more was coming. With a sad feeling, he broke the link and walked away. I was on my own, captured by demons. My inner demons panicked. I was now a prisoner among demons. I was lifted and brought along with them. They took me to their captain. They throw me at his feet and took 2 steps back. The Captain went forward and leaned over me. He glared at me for a while, or rather inside me. “So” he said “It is you 2 again. I thought you where gone, or even better, dead.” He raised again, took a deep breath. There wasn’t any sound from me. Captain said “Well, there isn’t any mistake that can’t be corrected. Take them away.”

When I woke up, my hands where burning. I was sitting in a cage, and around me it was dark. I knew immediately that when I was passed out, the two demons had used my body to try my prisons quality. It was me that had to stand the pain now. Inside I heard a voice” Stop whining you little wimp”.
I said “If you don’t want to be here you can always leave me alone. There was raw laughter as an answer. I knew those had been inside me from my childhood. I had a question to ask.
“How old am I?”
–“Not old enough”
-“ I’m am, or rather was, eternal. I’m a Night elf, you know that.”
-“No” they said.” You where immortal. We are eternal”.
-“What’s the difference?”
-“When this world comes to an end, so will you. If this universe disappears, so will you. We wont. Try to spend 6 million years of waiting, and you will know the difference.”
- “Have you been waiting for me for 6 million years?”
Again laughter.
- “Don’t overestimate you’re importance. You are not even close. Actually, you are a tool. Like a hammer for a dwarf. If its broken, you get a new one.”
- “You claim that I am to weak, why haven’t you gotten a new tool?”
- “Don’t try to be clever.” I suddenly felt a tickle of irritation, like the beginning of pain.
- “You don’t have another tool.” I said. If youre hammer breaks, you get a new one. But if you cant get a new, you have to use the one you had.
I asked “Where am I from?”
-“ You are not wrong in you’re assumptions.”
- “So Feralas is correct, I thought to myself.”
- “It’s a name that is as good as any, but yes, that is the place.”
- “Then why me?”
- “Impatience.”
- “What do you mean?”
- “As we have said, try waiting for 6 million years.”
I felt that it was a closed road. I have to change directions if I hade to go somewhere.
- “Who are you?”
- “You are an inquisitive one, but what else is there to do. We are rebels. Outcasts. Deserters might be the best word for it. We have disappeared from the main army.”
- “Why here then?”
- “We want more. Have you been in an army? No, you haven’t. We know that. But as we said. We are eternals. Eternity is a long time. Nothing other then eternals can even come close to imagine how long it is. And if you are in an army, you know that and army isn’t about fighting wars. Its about waiting for the next battle. As we said before. Try waiting for 6 million years for a battle that is for 7.000 years. Then wait another 10 million years for 300 years of battle. Even eternals can get tired of time.”
- “So you went for you’re own piece of power? You came to our world and used me to take control of our world?”
- “Now you’re doing it again. Don’t overestimate you’re importance. You have to accept that you have no importance on the history of this universe at all. We came to claim this world for our own. We didn’t know anything of the plans to take over it. We tried to lure ourselves into an ancient. They where to good to be trapped. They knew by instinct that it was to dangerous. The only one stupid enough was a young, curious kid. You.”
- “That answers my question of why me.”
- “Now keep silence. You are annoying us.”
- “Then leave me alone.”
- “We can’t. We have to use a host in this world, but there are other things we can do.” And suddenly the tickling feeling I had before came back. And it escalated until I realized that the scream I heard was my own. And then I passed out again.

When I woke up this time, there was a huge demon in front of me. I was standing with my hands in chains. My demons informed who he was. Just to let me now, that he was their former commander. They also informed me how he used to torture people like me, just for fun. And also shared the pain that those tortured people had felt. Just to amuse themselves.
- “STOP THAT” it said.
- “Oh, shut up.” We answered. I wasn’t answering, but they used my body, so it has to be “we”.
There was silence from us.
Then the hard part begun. I wasn’t tortured, but the demons inside me was. There wasn’t a scratch on my body. Actually some old scars healed. I don’t know how, but I think it was that my body couldn’t take the torment, so they had to heal me so they could make the maximum pain to those inside me. There wasn’t any direct pain to me, but the echoes from my inside was torture enough. I have been standing in the fire from Onyxia, and that was nothing against the pain I felt know. It was souls that was in pain, not bodies. A body can actually turn pain off, every warrior know that. But when you’re souls I tortured, it is nothing you can do to ease the pain. It went on for days. Day and night. Demons don’t sleep. My mind was going crazy. I would have been a mumbling idiot if the torture had stopped for a minute. But the something happened that might have saved me. Through the haze of pain, I suddenly caught a glimpse of a hunting cat. Muncher wasn’t close, he had actually no idea where I was, but he was asleep, and was dreaming of a hunt with me. Somehow our connection had rebound. Just for a brief second, but enough to give me something to hold on. I implanted that thought in my brain and never left it for a second.

Nothing is forever. Not even a demons patience. The moment it stopped I passed out. My last thought was “Not again. I’m getting tired of it.” But it was only for a short moment. I was looking at the giant demon again. This time I was sitting in a chair. It was as comfortable as you can expect from a demons chair. It was made from an unknown material. It reminded me of rough stone, but looked like some kind of metal. The only light inside was making a circle of light around the char. I couldn’t see anything outside the circle. I heard heavy step coming closer. The big demons came in the circle of light. He leaned forward and faced me. Burning eyes where piercing my mind. He said “ARE YOU STILL AROUND? YOU ARE A TOUGHER KIND THEN THOSE 2 FOOLS THOUGHT. YOU ARE NOT NEEDED ANYMORE. YOU ARE FREE TO GO.” He then but his both hands through my flesh and ripped to souls from me. Neither of them was mine, but the feeling of having me soul ripped from me was still there. Twice. And yet again I passed you. I woke up on the road outside Black Temple. I was laying on the ground, face up. The stars was shining beside the 2 moons. A light breeze was moving the clouds gently across the sky. I sat up slowly. To my surprise I only had a light headache. My body felt as good as ever. I stood up, and sent a call to Muncher. He came out from behind a rock. He had been watching my body. According to his sense of time, I had only been gone for 5 days. I turned and faced north. In that direction Aldor had a safe place. I mounted up and rode there.

This is the most interesting part of my story. I sense it is the most important to. That’s why I put it out in more detail.
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What I've been up to. (Long, long post)
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