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 My life, by Dalarna Ravenwing.

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PostSubject: My life, by Dalarna Ravenwing.   Wed Mar 21, 2007 2:17 am

~Dalarna Ravenwing.~

*The following text was written in an ancient elven language.*

Hello reader, this is a combination of my preserved diaries. It pretty much contains my life, and I cherish this information.
I made sure to divide it in several “chapters”.

The beginning:
I was born as a common daughter, my mother worked as a herbalist in town, and my father served the army.
In my young years I simply loved to play with wooden sticks, dancing around, poking trees, and making slicing moves. It was wonderful.
My mother however, didn’t like me do it, and often ordered me to stop. She wanted me to become a priestess, but I knew that wasn’t going to happen.

I always played outside, and had a very special friend living in the forest, a nightsaber. She was older than I was, and carried several kittens. After some time, she gave birth to three kittens. The first two were rather plain-looking, but the third was something special. Her skin was mist-colored, rather than black, or striped. The mother nearly kicked the white one from the nest, but I asked her not to. I quickly named her Mist, after her misty skin, and we became true friends in our youth.

Even though my mother let me visit every study there was, I hardly paid any attention to them. Studying was just boring.
When I was in class, Mist waited for me, when I was out, we played, in the forest.

Everything was peaceful, and I lived happily. I never knew that was about to change.

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PostSubject: Re: My life, by Dalarna Ravenwing.   Wed Mar 21, 2007 2:18 am

A change in life:
As usual, Mist and I left when studies were over, and head for the forest. Weeks ago, we found a new well, and the place was so beautiful. We decided to visit it every day, and make that our own secret hide-out.
That day, something was wrong.
When we arrived, the air was foul, and the ugliest creature approached us, I had never seen it before. It was blood-red, and had a big jaw. Large tentacles sprouted from his back.
It came right at us, and I’ve never been as scared before in my life.
Then, all things went really fast. The creature charged, and something black came from out of the bushes, and attacked the creature, allowing us to escape, which we did.
It turned out to be Mist’s mother; she sacrificed herself to save us.
We ran all way back home, and there I told mom what happened.
She didn’t give me time to finish; she went straight to the guards, telling them what I told.
After that, she gave me a book, I turned some pages and there it was. The same creature, the book said it was a Fel-beast.

More came, demons. They were everywhere; nobody was allowed to come out of the village.
Attacks were made at our village, and we lost several men. The priestesses did anything they could, but the bite of a Fel-beast was poisoned, pure evil.

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PostSubject: Re: My life, by Dalarna Ravenwing.   Wed Mar 21, 2007 2:18 am

When matters got critical, we were ordered to move out. In broad daylight, we went as one convoy. On to the Stronghold.
There, the young got more lessons about demons, and the book I had made me very popular for a while. I didn’t care. Alrha’na, Mist’s mother. I was very sad, and I cried many nights.

Several months later, I thought time was too precious to waste on grieving, and so, despite the warnings I went out playing again. I took Mist with me.
Out hide-out was to far away to travel to, and that area was too dangerous to approach.
We went out looking for a new place to play. I found some branches, and swung them around; it felt great!
We arrived to an open field, with some flowers. The moon was shining brightly, and not a cloud was there. Lovely.
Mist warned me, she told me it wasn’t safe, that she smelled something wrong. But, I didn’t believe her, and went to the middle of the field. I took some flowers, and Mist came to, eventually, she just ignored her feeling, and the smell she had.
The flowers were great, all species were there. I loved the black flowers, which grew near the trees. I don’t know the true names, I never paid attention.
Anyhow, when I finally had a bush I was going to give to mom, Mist warned again, if she could, she’d shout out loud. But it was too late.
A big hairy man-looking creature, with big horns on his head, came from out of the bushes. His hoof warned me as it broke a dead twig. If I had to believe the book, this one was called a satyr. A former quel’dorei, given special powers by pure evil, with some dark magic. He wielded a gigantic sword, which was as tall as I was! This time, I was sure I’d die. Surviving one demon was luck, surviving two was impossible.
I went down on my knees and made a prayer, for the first time in my life, I prayed to Elune to guide me this moment.
And there she was! A white-haired woman came out of the bushes, her armor was stunning! With two swords she ran at the satyr with a beserking fury. It all went so fast.
The last thing I saw was her head, one head, two, three, blackness…
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PostSubject: Re: My life, by Dalarna Ravenwing.   Wed Mar 21, 2007 2:20 am

A mysterious woman:
I woke up next day, and I was very hungry. My mother had a bed, next to me, she was still asleep.
I slid out, and tried to stand, but my muscles just wouldn’t work! I crawled back in bed.
A novice went towards me, with a very worried look on her face. She had a jug of water, and a whole bread. She told me I must be hungry, after a week of sleep.
A week?! I really did think it was only one day, maybe two, but one week?! I had a chat with her, and after five minutes, I had eaten the whole loaf of bread, and the jug was completely empty. The novice went away, only to return with another loaf and some water, despite the fact that a Stronghold only had a small amount of food available.
This continued for a month or two, eating, sleeping, eating, and sleeping. Mist kept a good watch at the feet end of my bed, never letting any stranger come anywhere near me.
The novice told me what happened after I past out. The woman, a blade mistress noticed me missing, and she went out looking. She slew the satyr and took me back to the stronghold.

The next day, I finally went outside again, I had to find that woman. Who was she? That she knew who I was, and that I’d gone missing. There! She just went out, with a battalion. I ordered myself to wait here, at the entrance, until she would return.
So, I did. I waited for a long time, entire army’s of wounded men returned, and some left. The woman was never amongst them. Very strange. What if she died in the fields, with nobody to take her body back? What would her family think?!
More and more men mounted up, and went. Mounted up? Hmm…
I decided to try something new. I called Mist, and told her what I was planning. She thought it’d be great!
I quickly stole a saddle, and used it on Mist. She was a bit uncomfortable at first, with that weight on her back, but after some hours, she got used to it.
I walked her around, with the saddle, and trained with her, for half a year.
Then, the time came that I myself would mount her. Trembling at first, I climbed. Mist already was a rather big saber. Strong. ‘When I finally sat Mist threw me off and made a big jump. I landed on my back, which hurt. But, I simply refused to stop just because of one small incident. I tried to mount again, this time climbing on her was easier, yet again, she threw me off. My behind was victim to the worse pains. I tried it for another half year.
Then, I quit. Mist told me I hurt her when I tried it. She accepted my deepest apologies,
I promised her I would never again ride her, until I would be ready, and had some decent training.
We quickly forgot the whole matter, as war was at hand.

I had to get stronger. When the boys went out to train, I hid in the bushes, and followed the same training, taking care I was never seen, After several more years of training my skills were highly developed.
The guards at the Stronghold started wondering who killed those Grell-pacts. It was so funny, every time I just left a Grell camp; some guards came by and saw what I did. They never found out!
Until that day. Ooh, I still hate myself for that. At the camp where I killed my first Grell-pact came new one’s. This group was somewhat bigger than the previous, but back then: I was still training my skills. I easily took down this group as well and I decided to take a small rest.
I didn’t notice the guards until they were right at my feet!
They dragged me back to the stronghold, by my ears! That guard must’ve thought my ear was some kind of rope he could use or so. At least, that’s how it felt when he finally let go.
He ordered me to stand at this stage, in the middle of the base, that wouldn’t be as bad, if he didn’t call my mom. Which, of course: he did.
My mom openly declared to everybody around that they would have to keep an eye on me, at all times. A public humiliation, there was nothing else I could possibly hate more than this.
I couldn’t leave my house, couldn’t leave the base, couldn’t even visit the private house without someone watching me!
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PostSubject: Re: My life, by Dalarna Ravenwing.   Wed Mar 21, 2007 2:20 am

My Life:
Months and months this continued, no privacy, no life, no fun.
When we were ordered to move, to a new Island called Teldrassil I refused to help, I only packed my own things and walked with the rest. What I had? Some cloths, and my swords, I made sure my packed swords were shaped as though it was a staff, to take care nobody would be suspicious.
This seemed to work.
But I was tired, tired of the commands, tired of the many watchful eyes, tired of living in this cage!
The night we arrived I decided it was time. Time to go.
News reached me of a training camp being set up at Shadow glen. That is where I would train, where I would have freedom.

When my mom was asleep, I packed my first belongings; I made a list the day before:
- set of clothing,
- money,
- a hearthstone,
- sword.
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PostSubject: Re: My life, by Dalarna Ravenwing.   Wed Mar 21, 2007 2:21 am

A new beginning:
The moon was bright, shining through the trees as I marched. This new forest, built upon a tree, or something like that, it was quite beautiful, reminding me of where I came from.
It was a long hike, a visit to Dolanaar, and then finally: Shadow glen. A very tranquil area, I loved it. The flowers I once collected were all there.
But I wasn’t there for the flowers. I asked the guards where I could start my training.
Finally, I found Alyissia, a young but experienced warrioress. For several coins, she was willing to train me.
Alyissia told me that there were sentinels, who exchanged their old tabard for a new one, and naming themselves Ravencrest Wardens. This, in honor of Lord Ravencrest.
I wasn’t sure, but my heart told me that the mysterious woman would be there.
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PostSubject: Re: My life, by Dalarna Ravenwing.   Wed Mar 21, 2007 2:26 am

((OOC: This is my story. I hope you can all restrain yourself not to post here ICly.
on lore, I hope I didn't rape it to much, I've tried to keep away from the history-line, cause I know I'm not good with it. Hope you enjoyed the story.))
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PostSubject: Re: My life, by Dalarna Ravenwing.   

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My life, by Dalarna Ravenwing.
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