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 Nec Demonwretcher's story

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PostSubject: Nec Demonwretcher's story   Fri Mar 02, 2007 4:24 am

(( my first topic ever...well lets get started ))
Nec is something very old before he was turned into a human he was a demon serving The Burning Legion none knows his exact age some would say 1000 years while others might say 500. Nec was one of the Officers ( he looked like a mix between a felguard and doomguard ) of the Burning Legion he served them with loyalty. His mission on Azeroth was to weaken all races so the Burning Crusade could easily destroy them all and to do this easily he turned himself into a human, while in his human form he began corrupting the lesser and weak races first ( gnolls, furbolgs,murlocs...weak things..) but when he came to Stormwind and when he wanted to weaken the Alliance he encountered fierce resistance his first way of trying to corrupt it from within was to say one of the milita's members being a very powerfull thing in the ways of magic that way he could corrupt it while others were thinking he was training his 'student' that also failed, when he tried to do something major and big the militia discovered his plan and trew him out.
short after he was trown out he saw a demonic circle serving the legion and having the same goal, he began an alliance with this circle and now when he no longer needed schemes and plan's to corrupt stormwind he could use the circle to attack the militia and so he began planning his attack on the militia, he would seek out many wise and powerfull warlocks to summon a rain of infernals upon the Westbrook Garrison, and once again the Militia and stormwind gave fierce resistance..after the rain of infernals were gone and all those demons were dead he along with 2 other warlocks summoned doomguards, however with every member of the circle running away in fear he could not complete the ritual so they were defeated, shortly after that event Ferocius the leader of the circle was put in prison.
Nec however found a gnome of great power named Silvies who could help him bring his demonic form AND keep the human form on Azeroth
yet again a human tried to stop his plan's..a human named Kasperio from the Silverlaine family destroyed the demon form and disrupted the spell and locked Nec away in his Human form, his power in magic was also greatly decreased.
Nec saw no other option then just to run away till he came into a jungle with the name Stranglethorn vale, there he encountered several pirates serving the so called Bloodsail Buccaneers, the bloodsail buccaneers offered him to join them and so he did.
After long years on sea with those pirates his common wasnt really doing well he spoke more like pirates and he loved the rum.
After those long years he was promoted to Captain of his own vessel and Admiral of the Bloodsail Buccaneers, his demonic side almost completely vanished and now Nec just tries to make his way into the world, he works as a Mercenary and just does anything to get his hands on some money (which he can buy more rum from )
(( well thats all hope there's not many typo's in it :p ))
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Nec Demonwretcher's story
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