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 Path To Destruction

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PostSubject: Path To Destruction   Mon Feb 19, 2007 7:28 am

Path To Destruction

The ShadowGlade Story

Chapter One: Birth of a difference.

A small baby lays, Cradled in his mother’s arms, surrounded by other elves, he looks up at them surprised and weary of the surroundings.

“What are you going to call him, mum?” A small elf girl asks.

The mother looks up at a broad male elf and asks:

“What do you think, Syrien?”

“How about we name him after his greatfather, Derias?” He smiles.

The mother looks back at the child and smiles warmly and kisses his forehead, the child gurgles and smiles.

“Yes, we shall call him Derias; He will grow up to be strong like his greatfather.”

Derias lets out a little yawn and closes his eyes. Syrien smiles and looks at Tygra and Arias.

“Come on; let’s give your mum some rest”

Syrien walks out of the door, the two kids follow him. Arian looks down at her child and smiles.

“Yes, Strong, like your father too…”

Syrien walks out of the house and looks around the great forests of Nordrassil.

“Hey Syrien!” A male elf shouts with two child twins following not far behind.

The elf stops before Syrien and tries to catch breath…

“I heard... You had your child today… Congratulations…”

“Thank you, Hiroshika, How have you been?”

“Fine, just looking after the kids here, they started their druidic training today…”

Syrien looks at the twins and smiles…

“So what was it?”

“It was a boy, we named him Derias…”

“Derias, you mean after your father?”

Syrien nods and smiles as Tygra and Arias come running out of the house and jumping on the twins playfully. The children run off into the forest…

“Be careful out there!” Hiroshika shouts…

“Its fine, the forests here are the safest place on this planet…”

“I guess you are right, ha-ha…”

Hiroshika laughs as himself and Syrien begin to walk into the forest slowly.

Arias runs from Tygra and the twins as fast as he can…

“Can’t catch me!!” He yells as he jumps over fallen logs and deer…

“No fair Arias, You can jump higher than us!!” Tygra yells

Tygra and the twins try their hardest to catch up with Arias, but then they slow as they notice Arias stopping.

“What’s up Arias?” Tygra asks…

Arias remains silent and points at a strange black shadow, slowly moving around the forest, making strange noises and leaving the ground behind it dying and struggling for life, Arias holds up his finger to tell the others to be quiet and they all behind a tree.

“What is it, Arias?” Tygra whispers

Arias remains silent and stares at the shadow with a determined look in his eyes, he unsheathes his daggers.

“Arias don’t you dare!” Tygra whispers

The twins look at each other and begin to run off the direction they came. Arias and Tygra look back at the twins.

“They get scared at everything…” Tygra exclaims while holding Arias’ arms tightly.

She looks back and notices the shadow was less than two inches away from Arias’ face. Arias stares at it, horrified. Tygra lets go of his arm and he lunges forward and takes a swing at the shadow with his dagger, he falls through it and lands on the floor unconscious from the shade’s evil aura. Tygra backs off and falls over, quickly crawling backwards.

“Stay away!” Tygra yells…

Screams fill the air of the forest.

“Dad! Dad!” The twins yell as they run back to Hiroshika.

“What is it? Where are Arias and Tygra?” He asks

“It was horrible, a strange shadowy thing it slowly moved about and, and-“ The twins quickly yell.

Syrien reaches for his back and pulls out two large red glaives and begins to run in the direction the twins came from, Hiroshika not far behind.

“Arias! Tygra!” Syrien yells as he runs through the forest, before stumbling and finding the children, both unconscious on the floor. Syrien looks around suspiciously before picking up Arias and Tygra and laying them on his shoulders.

“Syrien, what do you think it was?” Hiroshika asks…

Syrien remains silent and then turns to Hiroshika…“Let’s go…”
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Number of posts : 36
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PostSubject: Re: Path To Destruction   Mon Feb 19, 2007 7:30 am

Chapter Two: What am I?

A gentle breeze blows over the Shadowglade household. Little Derias lies in his cot, gurgling away while Syrien and Arian sleep peacefully. Arias stands at Tygra’s door, watching her sleep carefully.

‘What has happened to her…?’

Arias walks into the forest with his dagger firmly gripped in his hands. The birds gently sing in the trees above him and the deer playfully running around between the trees.

‘If I’m to find out what happened, I need to find that strange shadow.”

“Arias!” A yell comes from behind him

Arias turns around to be confronted by Ayillia, a young elf girl, around the same age as him. She had always had a strange crush on Arias, ever since they were old enough to understand the way how two opposites attract.

“Ayilia, What are you doing here?” Arias asks

“Come to see you dear...” She smiles playfully.

Arias turns around and peers over the distance wearily

“Turn back, it’s too dangerous out here” Arias exclaims

Ayillia looks around and shrugs

“But this is the forest, nothing dangerous is here…”

Arias turns round and glares at Ayillia

“I’d be lying if I said I didn’t care for your safety, There are things in this forest which intend to harm us elves…”

Ayillia looks back at Arias with shining eyes

“You care for my safety? How sweet!”

Arias winces and smiles coldly

“Just trust me and go back”

Ayillia pouts and waves before running off in the other direction, Arias takes a deep breath and begins to walk off slowly.

Tygra begins to wake up slowly. She stares at the ceiling before looking to her side. She murmurs something in a strange language and gets up and shakes her head.

‘What is wrong with me..?’

She walks into her parent’s room to find Derias awake and Arian and Syrien fast asleep. She hovers over to Derias in his cot and smiles down at him, Derias stops gurgling and stares up at Tygra with a slight look of shock in his eyes. Tygra eyes Derias up and down

‘What’s up with him, never seen his sister before?’

Tygra covers her eyes and quickly takes her hands away before gently saying ‘Boo’, Derias looks at Tygra in horror and then begins to cry loudly. Tygra looks around in shock and quickly runs out of the room and hides before her parents wake. Arian wakes up and quickly hoists Derias out of his cot.

“What’s wrong bubba?” She kisses Derias as he continues to scream.

Tygra hides under her bed and looks at her hands and notices red markings on her arms…‘What am I?
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Number of posts : 36
Age : 30
Localisation : London
Registration date : 2007-02-13

PostSubject: Re: Path To Destruction   Tue Apr 24, 2007 6:02 am

Chapter 3: Many years pass…

Many years passed since Arias went missing. Tygra had grown up into a young woman and Derias into a young boy. Another child was born, another boy, Syrien and Arian called him Elithias.

Derias walks out of his house and looks around, a young elf girl, looking similar to Ayillia runs up to Derias and hugs him tightly


“Ah… Ishnu’Alah Tillia, How are you?” Derias asks gently

“I missed you since yesterday, Oh, I wish we were older, we could get married and have loads of children and travel the world and...”

“Okay, okay, I got the point Tillia” Derias smiles

“I hear your dad has been teaching you how to slay demons” Tillia giggles

Derias nods slowly and smiles warmly

“Please, keep it quiet, I don’t want anyone else to know, even if I don’t learn druidic…”

Tillia smiles and kisses Derias on the cheek, He blushes slightly.

“Your secret is safe with me!” Tillia smiles shyly.

Derias looks at Tillia and smiles as a gentle breeze blows their hair gently to the side.

“Derias… Do you… Like me?” Tillia shyly asks.

Derias blushes furiously and looks around, trying to find a distraction to the conversation.

“Well… Errr… I…” Derias stops talking as he hears footsteps behind him.

He turns around and looks up, to see Syrien. In his grasp a small dagger and his own glaive.

“Come on son… We got to go and get you some combat training” Syrien winks.

Derias turns back round to Tillia and smiles, before leaning forward and gently kissing her on the lips.

“Maybe…” He whispers in her ear as he walks off and into the forest with his father.
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PostSubject: Re: Path To Destruction   

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Path To Destruction
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