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 In the Unreal - Part. 1 [RP]

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PostSubject: In the Unreal - Part. 1 [RP]   Sun Jul 01, 2007 3:39 am

(( http://profile.imeem.com/tNXB4J/music/J8jF7DlZ/alice_27/ ))

In the Unreal - Part. 1

So black... Can't see...

Black... And cold...

Bells... Bells...


I can hear them...

But where am I?

I don't know... So weak. Can't move. Everything is black... Must rest...

Oh... My... God... What's happening? That sound!!! Must... Move... Must... OPEN MY EYES!

Something is not right here...

The gnome slowly opened his eyes. To his horrific surprise, nothing was of the ordinary. Not even a single bit. The so-called "sky" shifted colours, and all kinds of things was floating and flying randomly about. Strange sounds came from all places thinkable, that could make any man or woman go nuts.

He got up from his standing position, although slowly, as he was very unsure of what was really happening. He looked around himself, with a staring expression. And as he looked around, he noticed that his sight was extremely blurry, making him even more uncertain and afraid. It felt like a dream, and yet not, because he could still fully control himself.

The gnome was standing ontop of a extremely tall pedestal. Infact, he could not see just how far the pedestal reached down. It was an endless pit, and had the same colour-changing behaviour like the sky above him. Actually, he could see no end whatsoever around him. It was all endless. He saw nothing, but flying things that seemed to alter speed now and then. Far away from where he was, a house was floating about. Now and then, cats jumped out of its open windows, and fell down the endless, multi-coloured pit. Strangely enough, it was not the sound of cats that came from the floating house. It was laughter. Neverending laughter.

Curtis Hingesprock (Shock): What is this place...

The gnome looked around some more, and ultimately noticed a floating island, not far from where he was. There was some sort of building on the island, that looked much like a castle, or a larger barracks.

Curtis Hingesprock: I can't possibly get over there... But what do I have to lose. This must be a dream or something.

He thought that he could use the "environment" to his advantage. There were floating items everywhere, and they seemed to have no certain path in which they went. Small items, large buildings, animals, constructs, it was all there. They were tightly packed in some places, so he thought that he could make his way to the floating island by jumping and treading carefully over the floating stuff.

As he was about to jump to a nearby floating table, he noticed that there was a large ship hovering right above his head now. The ship rotated abit, and then floated away. He followed it with his eyes, and noticed that there was a banner on the side of the ship, with the words "Black Viper".

He looked down, and shook his head.

Curtis Hingesprock: None of this makes sense... Not even a little bit. DO YOU HEAR ME? NONE OF THIS MAKES SENSE!!! WHAT IS THIS PLACE!?!?

His yelling made no difference. The words quickly disappeared. There was no echo. No nothing. Everything continued to float around randomly. Except his pedestal, and the landmass with the building.

He sighed heavily, and turned around to face the floating island.

Curtis Hingesprock: Maybe I should just... Jump down, in order to finally... Huh~

Something was there, on the island. It was not what he had seen before. There was something black outside the large building, by the entrance of it, that was completely still. He could only faintly see it, but it was there. Something was there.

He was not alone.
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PostSubject: Re: In the Unreal - Part. 1 [RP]   Sun Jul 01, 2007 3:43 am

He's been drugeed, dropped on an island far out from Netherstorm and that's a building that fell of from Kirin'Var Village with some unknown horror, right? Razz

Interesting read, not the classical RP story which suits me great. Come on, keep it going DJ!
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In the Unreal - Part. 1 [RP]
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