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 Long Lost Love - A sister to the past

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PostSubject: Long Lost Love - A sister to the past   Fri Jun 29, 2007 4:34 pm

A story for my comeback - It's Shiverwing family business.

- Where could she be? No one knew - not even her friends, that she at some point told her about. It was chaotic really, not letting her sister know anything about her, except for the 'oh so warm' guild she once was a part of. I suppose that it was her only reason for her existance - her friends.
And that man she also wrote about - Firez, who is that? Derias Firez...
Well, I have no where to start, so why not search for her in Darnassus or Astranaar? She mentioned that they often patrolled those enchanted forest roads in Astranaar. Last time I heard something about her was when she ruined a roof in Blasted Lands.
I'm not even sure that it was her - that elf that told me about it in that creepy inn in Stormwind described her as the elf I'm seeking - my sister, where could she be? Has she joined some occult pagan religion and settled herself underground? Or perhaps she's settled down somewhere, in a house deep in some forest, entraped by her demon magic and what not?
It's also dangerous for me to venture off on unexplored roads - I was lucky to get away last time when that blood stained troll came running after me. Anyway, I should start looking for her, and perhaps ask around about her.
How about Astranaar first? Yes, that will be it, my first checkpoint on my long journey to find my sister, to once and for all settle up between us - my long lost love; Coradté Shiverwing...
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Long Lost Love - A sister to the past
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