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 Zaja - warriorish

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PostSubject: Zaja - warriorish   Thu Jun 14, 2007 4:24 pm

Hiyall, my name is Alexandra. I'm swedish 21 to be, coffeein addict and I do smoke to much "D'oh". Well anyhow..

Zaja have wandered azeroth in the search for suiteable allies, but there is allways to little and the tirst for more is overwealing. Though she does not wish the hardcore end game as if it was a job. And I heard of you, more iportant I played with some of you and I really like your style, layed back yet serious.

So info follows
Character: Zaja 70 Warrior (protection)
Attuned to all "old" raid instances such as Blackwing Lair, Onyxia, Molten Core.
Got Karazhan attunement. On heroic part of "The Eye" quest chain.

So what about Zaja as a person..
She had a very normal childhood. But as all of Azeroths people she had to take part.

But there was a specific moment that made her chosse the path she walkes now, the warrior.

~It was a normal day like any other, Zaja was out collecting herbs in Ashenvale and was just going to the vendor to buy some vials for the mixtures.. and then it happend.

"You! I do know your face..Scum.. orcs they are all the same.. be gone!"

Eonamir fought hard and the anger in his eyes showed only hate.
"That is a madman! He can not fight this battle and come out of it alive..something must be done!" Zaja was thinking.

She grabbed a sword that the vendor had for sale and charged forward..

"Elf! What ever are you doing!? You will get killed!!"

"These orcs slaugtered my family, I must take revenge.."

"You can not win this fight elf!" Then Zaja felt the rage flowing with in her..what was this..as she charged against the foes the blade in her hand felt so smooth and it was like she had done this forever.

The enemies laid the legs on their backs and took the run.

Zaja turns around.. "What flew into you?"

"My family was killed by them when I was a child, there is not a day passing when it doesnt hurt inside me.. thank you..thank you for aiding me miss.."

"Zaja is my name"

"Thank you Zaja..Zaja you truely are a Warrior"

And her way and training as a warrior started from that very moment..

Ok The End, a bit fluffy history but yet who sais fluff is bad.
I hope you will embrace this Warrior into your family and she'll be loyal to you as she is to all. Allthough I do have a bad tempor if I didnt refill my dayly needs for coffeeine and nicotine, but who is perfect ey?

Hope this very long Story helped me in my efforts of convincing you that I want to be a Warden Smile

Peace be with you. See you in game.
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PostSubject: Re: Zaja - warriorish   Thu Jun 14, 2007 4:33 pm

It's my sister, do it.
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Zaja - warriorish
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