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 Gimbir the Dwarven hunter.

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PostSubject: Gimbir the Dwarven hunter.   Fri Jun 01, 2007 4:06 pm

((OOC: Hello, my name is Jesper Karlsson. Im 17 years old and im currently residing in sweden as i have done all my life this far. I did some Rping on my old character "Deroko" a dwarf paladin i had on SSL then i transferred to play with my friends. Anyways im here now on this level 40 dwarf hunter. And now for some Background story on Gimbir and his pet spidey Barney.))

Gimbir was born in Dun Modr a rainy afternoon thirty four years ago. Already as a young boy he started to play around with his father's guns, he was also outside alot playing in the grass, climbing in the trees (broke one or two bones) or swam around in the rivers of wetlands. At the age of sixteen he was a master marksman and had good knowledge of the wilderness in wetlands and its sorroundings, he started to feel a need for doing something since hanging around in Dun Modr with his parents all day got increddibly boring. So he embarked on a Journey. The first thing he did was to travel around a bit when he came to a remote island on the continent of Kalimdor named Bloodmyst island he encountered a fist sized egg laying behind a dumpster in a local village. He decided to call the egg Eggie as he didnt know what was inside of it. After a year the nearly forgotten and on several occations nearly cooked into a omelette, the egg started to hatch as Gimbir stood like a question mark and didnt know what the heck was going on the outer shell bursted and a spiked leg sprung out. After some seconds another leg bursted out and another and another and another, after serious reconcideration Gimbir understood that it wasnt a bird more likley a small eight legged creature wich he latley remembered was called a spider. He named his new kid Barney as he thought the name was hillarious since spiders and the name Barney have no connection. As he kept on Exploring the world with Barney he finnaly ended up back in Menethil Harbour. As he went to the pub to get a deserved pint and throw some old bone to Barney he noticed that everyone who looked at him leaned their head and made cuddly noices. As he finnaly (after several beers) had the courage to ask what the heck was going on, he was answered "Oh, Did you not know? Dun Modr is under heavy attack from the dark iron dwarves." He hurried to his hometown to find his parents hiding up in a tree with their most loved belongings, His fathers mug, His mothers Pearl necklace and his first boar head (wich he found on the side of the road walking home from a late night out in Menethil.). As he saw his house getting burned down, heared his mother cry saw his fathers foot getting severly damaged of a bite barney may have caused when he ran his teeth through his foot, he made an oath to Travel around the world and get money to buy his parents a new house, to find a gal he could call his own and to get some shiny equipment so he could brag about his journies for ever and ever...

Thats it for the story What a Face Hope to hear from you
Your Cornflakes in a Bread only zone
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PostSubject: Re: Gimbir the Dwarven hunter.   Sat Jun 16, 2007 3:31 am

Very well, hereby I'd like to invite you to an up and closer interview with me. Contact me in-game; "Rotarr" or if I'm playing on my alt; "Fictious".

Small sidenote; do doublecheck the age system. Dwarves dont have the same lifespan as men. The age you claimed to be a master marksman is the very same age in which you're still shitting uncontrollably in the corner, much to the dismay of your parents. Razz
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Gimbir the Dwarven hunter.
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