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 Warrior Thyriad

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PostSubject: Warrior Thyriad   Fri Jun 01, 2007 3:17 pm

hello, my name is joel hellström, im 17 years old and live in Sweden.
Im quite new to the whole RP element but im eager to learn more about it and making new friends.

About my character then...

Thyriad was borned and raised with his two older brothers in a small farm deep within the forests of Darkshire. His father naturally wanted all of them to become farmers, but the brothers were getting more and more curious about the world as they grew older. So one after another they all ventured out into the world, their father though a little disappointed he let them leave to follow their own dreams and hopes. Thyriad was the last one to leave the farm but his father sensed something great will become of his son. Thyriad travelled to the mighty forest of ashenvale where he was accepted as an apprentice by a teacher from the warrior academy. Many great men and women trained there and although he did not know much about fighting at start he was very eager to learn all about it.
Over the years he became stronger and stronger and his teacher was very proud of him. He was tought to be fierce and mercyless against his enemies. Shortly after he completed his training he was sent away to fight the horde at the border to barrens. He slayed many foes and his thirst for blood grew more and more. Shortly after the borderwar he became almost insane of the lack of battles. At the tavern one night he saw a piece of parchment nailed to the wall with a description of a society promising great battles for the Alliance. He couldnt help himself and let forth a wicked grin....

Some additional information.
I love to raid occasionly although at the moment i mostly do PvP battlegrounds. Looking forward to hear from you .

PS: dont be to harsh on my backstory Rolling Eyes first one ive ever done.
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Suo Saenchai


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PostSubject: Re: Warrior Thyriad   Fri Jun 01, 2007 3:56 pm

Another warrior! No way!


Just kidding, I am scarying people on forum when I am tired...
I will poke someone in game about this post when I wake up Smile
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Warrior Thyriad
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