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 The chase...

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PostSubject: The chase...   Wed May 30, 2007 4:58 am

Chapter 1 – the chase

Another spring gale whistles fitfully through the streets of Stormwind, rattling the shutters in the old town. Nearby in the Dwarven district, dust devils dance mad capers across the square, before billowing up to the starlit heavens.

Somewhere in the evenings gathering dusk, a slight figure crouches in a doorway, cloak gathered tight against the ravages of the wind. A delicate blue hand emurges to knock tentatively on the reinforced oak door, then gently traces the contours of the gnarled oak grain, before seeking concealment once more against the biting gusts.

A moment goes by; the figure shivers a little and huddles even closer into the doorway. Without warning the door is yanked suddenly open ; an ancient dwarf peers up at his visitor, his frame filling the doorway, his face a mass of wrinkles in walnut brown skin. Despite his obvious age his posture remains unbowed and his movement full of vigor; the robes don his powerful frame though costly are worn from hard use. “Aye lassie?” demands the dwarf, his tone both harsh and suspicious, his eyes glinting from within the forest of graying hair that swathes his craggy face.

“Greetings reverend”, intones the figure bowing slightly, the accent musical but the intonation staggered, as if struggling with sounds that do not come naturally. “I’m searching for my uncle… well actually he’s not really my uncle… I understand you organised the delivery of a parcel he sent me, to the inn that I’m stay..”

“Aye”, interrupts the dwarf, opening the door a little wider, his tone less harsh than before, his demeanor somewhat softened, “Aye knows who you are and aye knows who you seeks”. “I know he nare be your uncle neither - he did’ne have horns ne hooves to start with”. The dwarf leans forwards and whispers loudly in a conspirital tone, his eyes twinkling, “I sort of worked the rest out me-self”.

“You’ve seen him” exclaims the cloaked figure, her tone breathless with excitement, a stray gust blows back the now forgotten hood just an inch to reveal beautiful if alien features. The bases of two slim ivory horns barely exposed, curving gently backwards to crown a delicate and flawless visage. “You’ve never met?” questions the dwarf, his tone carefully neutral, barely masking his surprise. “No” sighs the draenai, her striking face a picture of sorrow, “despite all he has done for me”.

“So many letters… so many maps….advice…potions….tools and equipment to aid my exploration in every way….and no we’ve never met”, her eyes moisten slightly around the edges. The dwarf’s face saddens, his voice heavy with remorse “I’m sorry Lassie, you’ve only missed him by a day, he took the main road south towards Goldshire, I not be knowing wither he’s bound though”, his eyes hold hers for a moment, empathically imparting his regret.

“Why?” she demands, her voice thick with emotion and frustration. “Why should he do all this for me…someone he has never met?” “Why does he have to travel so far and so fast?” She shakes her head wearily, “why can I never catch up with him?” she whispers softly staring without seeing at the cobbles of the street.

Her head lifts, her voice once more purposeful and focussed “thank you Reverend, I had best be heading south then”. A slight bow and the cloaked figure turns to leave, and begins a graceful trot south towards the city gates. The old priest pauses for a moment, appreciating for a moment the elegant sway of hips of the departing figure now revealed by the flare of the cloak set free in the stiffening breeze. He stands there for several minutes more, long after the figure has departed from sight. Finally he steps out of the doorway into the street and addresses the shadowy darkness that pools in the adjoining alley, well beyond the fragile illumination of the gas lamps his dwarven bretheren had proudly installed so many years ago.

“that were too close” he murmurs

....almost imperceptibly the shadows in the alley stir……
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The chase...
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