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 Lvl 40 Gnome Warlock want to join your ranks

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PostSubject: Lvl 40 Gnome Warlock want to join your ranks   Thu May 17, 2007 5:35 am

Greetings Ravencrest Wardens

I have been looking around for some time after a guild at the EU-Scarshield Legion Realm. My friends Jealousy and Bellarophon gave me the tip of this guild. So a I give you a brief history of me and a description of Sabbat - The Gnome Warlock.

Ive have played World of Warcraft since 2006, and have tried almost all classes. At the moment im stucked with a lvl 40 Gnome Warlock and a lvl 34 Draenei Shaman. The Warlock is my main char on the server, and the Shaman is for PvP-only as a side project.

I have played most of the 5-instances in game, and are quite common with most enviroments in the game. Bigger raid-instances I have not played, but seen friends play them, so I think I can manage that to.

My RP-experience is very big, I have played roleplaying games since age 12. Most fantasy games, but even obscure Postapocalyptic Sfi-fi RPGs.

Who is this Sabbat then?


Sabbat was born in the darker areas of Ironforge near the Forlorn Cavern. His father was a great warlock as young, and was fighting for the Alliance and gived his services to them. But one day a demon summoning went wrong, one of his father apprentices had mixed up a protective symbol with another, and the demons felenergy went in his fathers mind, and corrupt it. And then the journey to the Burning Legions twisted ideology started. At this time Sabbats mother was pregnant and awaited Sabbats entry to Azeroth.

His father started a coven with other evil warlock Gnomes, and when Sabbat was born, his father gaved him that name as a reminder of his legacy. Sabbats early years was most spend in darkness in his fathers coven, where he learned the ways of the warlock. When he was a teenager a powerful dwarfpaladin named Gholdir discovered the coven, and after a huge battle in far distant cave in Loch Modan hes father was killed with the rest of the coven of warlock gnomes. But Gholdir spared Sabbats life because he was so young, and sended him back to Ironforge to the warlock trainers in the Forlorn Cave.

Slowly Sabbat started to get his believe in the light slowly return, and learned to bend the evil forces of demons to his will, and using it to defeat the evil forces in the world. After his first trial he moved to Loch Modan to the village of Thelsamar, and started their his work to fight for the light in the world. And now hes residing in Stormwind.

The path of the Warlock is Sabbats meaning in life, but sometimes he has to fight back hes father evil legacy in his mind, which bring him in a bad mood sometimes. He tends to think that he is better than he is sometimes, but compensate this a twisted humour and laughter. Hes mission is to be the best gnome warlock in the world with the glimse in the eye.

Thats all folks, hope you liked it. /Tobias - Sweden
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PostSubject: Re: Lvl 40 Gnome Warlock want to join your ranks   Thu May 17, 2007 10:44 am

Hello there. Looks good to me, if you would now contact rn or any of the officers (me, Lonad, Sharna and Fenor) ingame, and we'll talk more. Cool


Ollahar Forestheart, lvl 70 Kaboomkin Ascendancy
Gaetanus Maximus Boomfizzle, lvl 62 dotlock
Nahandra, lvl 70 Huntardina, Ascendancy

*** Semi-retired Wow-player, newfound lotro-geek***
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Lvl 40 Gnome Warlock want to join your ranks
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