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 Waluin, the old-man-whiny 9000-year elf.

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PostSubject: Waluin, the old-man-whiny 9000-year elf.   Sun May 13, 2007 3:40 pm

My story eh? You'd like to hear it?
Well, don't expect a grand story about great magic and battles. My life did have it's share of battle, yes, but only few, small fragments. No, life wasn't very grand for Waluin Thistlefoot, but maybe, that was for the best.

I was born so long ago I can barely remember. I know I'm somewhere around 9000 years old, but the exact date has been lost to me long since. I was born into a regular, non-Highborne, elven family. My mother and father were herbalists. Damn good ones too I've heard, although they denied it themselves. I never got any sisters or brothers, so I never had to share my parents' attention with someone else. Afterwards I wonder how it would have been, what I'd been, but usually I come back to the fact that nothing would have been different probably, so I stopped dwelling on it many years ago.

I was but a boy when I first saw Malfurion Stormrage, the arch-druid. For a young boy that was a truly amazing sight...he radiatd power and respect, but also kindness and warth at the same time. When I saw him disappear and suddenly see a large bear in his place, I couldn't have been more excited. I had heard what work the druids were doing and after seeing Stormrage I, in childlish awe, decided that someday I would become a druid.

After that I gained an almost fanatical interest for the druids. I followed them, watched them, listened to them and sometimes I even dared to speak with them. They were never annoyed over my interest, quite the contrary. One day, i decided to spy on Stormrage and his work.

I don't know if thy saw me, but I thought I di a good job hiding from them. The only problem was when they turned into their feral forms. These were much faster then I could ever be and soon I had lost track of them. I wandered around in the woods for a while, hoping that I might find my way back home again, but soon I realized I just couldn't. I was lost.
The night fell, and as it got colder I got more scared. I tried to cuddle up under a tree and sleep, but the cold kept me awake. As I lay there, I heard a rustle in the bushes next to me. I jolted straight up and stared into the bushes. Two yellow eyes appeared. They gleamed.
Then the wolf jumped straight at me.
I was up and running fast enough, but the wolf chased on. It was closing up fast when I saw another figure jump out from the woods. The wolf stopped right on the spot immediatley. The figure suddenly started to shift and transform, and suddenly a human shape stood in front of me. I realized with excitement, that it was the arch-druid. Without, seemingly, a gesture, the wolf turned around and ran back into the woods.
"You are too young to be alone in the woods in the middle of the night, don't you think", he said to me. I could just nod, so trapped in awe.

The journey back home on the back of Malfurion is something I'll never forget. During the journey, my wish to become a druid came up and Stormrage listened as I spoke of how the druids seemed so noble and wise, always doing the right for the sake of nature. Suddenly, right there, he asked if I wanted to join the druids. The shock from it coming so unexpected made it hard to say an answer, but Malfurion just smiled and understood.

From that day on, my life was decicated to the druidism. I grew to be the person I wanted to be, a Kal'dorei doing my duty for the balance of nature. After, yeah, how long was it really, I got married. Her name was Sahjala, she was a young priestess and, to me, perfect in every aspect. Her features, her personality, down to every little detail. It was a small but beautiful marriage, and I couldn't have been happier right there. We got a daughter and a son, who both grew to become healthy and succesful. They both joined the priesthood and became succesful priests of Elune. Life was perfect for me and Sahjala, and we used to joke about we were as Malfurion and Tyrande, just as in love and never to seperate.

Life plays tricks on you though. One day the Dragonflight came back and that was the day Nordrassil was planted. I'll never forget that grand moment, seeing the huge tree strech and touch the sky. However, with it came the hibernation for us druids. By then Sahjala was waiting our third child and I was saddened to not be able to see it grow up. But Sahjala promised to be there when I woke up again, and with that in my memory, I went to my sleep with the knownledge that I would see her in time.

I didn't though. When I woke up, Sahjala had left me. Those non-druid friends of mine told me that she had found another, whos name I can't, nor want, to remember. She had given birth to a son a few months after my hibernation. Directly after the birth she had left though and they had never gotten to know the boy's name. My other children were no longer in this world either, both had died in an accident 40 years after my hibernation. In extreme sorrow, I withdrew to my work and shut out everything else. Friends, fun, everything was pushed away with the sorrow.

Years went by, the old high-borne was exiled after a few thousands of years and life went by. I never got to find anyone else. My wound after Sahjala was still there and refusing to heal. One day though, life took a turn, when the orcs came...
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Waluin, the old-man-whiny 9000-year elf.
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