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 The birth of a warrior.((possible beggining))

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PostSubject: The birth of a warrior.((possible beggining))   Sun May 06, 2007 7:50 am

-come here son, his mother told him
-We need to talk to you, his father told him.

Sitting around the dinner table in the silverheart orders complex, hearing sword clashs of new warriors and paladins.

His mother took a serius tone.
-it's time son, it's time for you to become another warrior of the silverheart order.
-I understand.... Reldar said with a trembling tone.
-Now go and join the other childrens son.

This was 16years ago, Now i'm 21 and seen many battles, mastered many combat teqniqes and weapons.

I am reldar silverheart, knight of the silverhart warrior. Son of Arelya Purehand and Atrius Ironhand.

It was his 21'st birthday, He knew what it was about.
he walks into the dining room once again seeing his mother and father. this time with his armor equipped and his mace on his back.

his mother tells him
-It's time son, It's time for you to go and spread the silverhart legacy though war and peace.
-Never forget about your heritage son,and never forget to pray. Now go, and make us proud. Never forget who you are!

((not that greatly written i know....))
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The birth of a warrior.((possible beggining))
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