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 Arriving into a new home.

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PostSubject: Arriving into a new home.   Mon Jan 29, 2007 3:35 am

Nahandra was stunned. What had just happened!? Her head was feeling a bit dizzy and there were burning wreckage and forest everywhere. The screams, oh the screams... it hurts..

She woke up hours later. A familiar face was looking at her when she first openened her eyes. It was Atau! Her old friend! But... why was he looking so concerned at her? She was about to ask about it when it all went black again. Last thing she heard was her name being called. She wanted to answer, but couldn't...

Nurse bringing him food. Yes that was the first thing she remembered after the waking up. Atau was gone. No sign of him anywere amongs the survivors. None knew where he had went. Absolutely nobody had seen him after the crash. Nahandra was sad.. but she felt hope somewhere inside her. No he was not dead! He felt pain... tormented somehow, but he wasn't dead, no he was not dead!

She recovered quickly, amazingly quickly. But that is what hunters in draenor are being teached to do, suck up their wounds and injuries, heal quickly and begin the hunt once again.

The hunt... Yes.... Nahandra woke up from her dreams in a split second. Atau must be found, he must be here! Those blood elves.. CURSED BLOOD ELVES!! The will die!

to be continued..
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Number of posts : 154
Localisation : Finland
Registration date : 2007-01-27

PostSubject: The recruiting.   Sat Feb 03, 2007 5:07 am

After a few weeks I had explored Azyremyst isle fully. I was able to find some other survived Draenei, and I was glad to see many had done so. But there we many who hadn't, many friends who were now gone. And Atau. No he was not dead, he is somewhere here! I just had to find out where exactly.

With these things in mind, Nahandra once again laid a crushing, fatal blow to yet another Blood Elf spy. They were swarming in the north section of the Bloodmyst isle, but how on earth did they manage to get there? Nahandra had checked the coasts and no invasion fleet were to be seen, nor any boats for that matter. It disturbed him as the Blood Elves seemed to getting more and more every day!

After a week or so, she got her answer. Apparently, after they found out where the draenei people had crashed, only a few Elves landed the isles. The Blood elves had then began to build a huge portal to transport masses of armies there. But it was not complitely stable, so they had encountered some difficulties in transporting masses of people. Thank god for that. If that had not happened, god only knows our people would have been crushed in the way of the invading hundreds of Blood Elves swarming from the portal.

But there was still a chance they might get it working, so it needed to be destroyed. Simple seek and destroy mission. And Nahandra was good at those, he was fast and deadly in those. Fast and efficient was a bit too much for the Blood Elves to handle, and the portal was destroyed.

After that Velen, our beloved leader who had lead us here into hope, rewarded me with a signed ring and a tabard. A tabard of the hand, only given to the best and trusted people amongst the draenei people. I was honored about it and am still wearing it everyday. I was also given a secret quest by Velen herself. I was ordered to find the dark portal and go back to our old homeland and look for our people. Save our people and bring them back to safety.

I was shocked by this assigment. Me? A simple hunter to go on to save our people? How? There was a rumour the dark portal had been opened again, but where was it? Could I enter it and survive the harsh lands of our old homeland? I used to knew every corner of it when I was younger.. but since then so much had happened, so much fighting and pillaging, demons, orcs and blood elves.. No that was impossible to do alone. I needed help, desperately. But to whom could I turn onto? The remaining draenei were too sick or too busy helping others to help me. The other races in this new world, Azeroth, as people tend to call it, now how could I trust them? Or to them find me enough trustable? There was an alliance formed I heard, an alliance with Humans, Dwarves, Night Elves and something called Gnomes.

The three first I had encountered in Azyremyst isle, as there was an expedition made there by some humans and dwarves, and night elven lands were near by I hear. But even as most of the encounters were good ones, there were many who weren't. There was this injured night elf priestess brought to Azyre Watch. She was hurt pretty badly and were to die in her wounds if no help was brought to her quickly. The alchemist there asked me to collect some herbs for him to make a potion which would save her. And it eventually did, but her initial reactions told me a lot . "What is this? Where am I? NOOO! THE ERADAR ARE HERE!! WE WILL FIGHT YOU DEMONS LIKE WE DID IN THE PAST!!!". That was of course her fever talking, but it was still a clear representation of what elves might actually think of us. Not a very promising thought that.

While thinking all these issues and walking around the exodar halls, Nahandra met an elf woman. By the looks of her, she had clearly seen much battle and combat, so she intrest Nahandra from the first sight. Apparently she was taking her first steps inside the wrecked spaceship of the Draenei, and was also recruiting volunteers to help her cause. A night elf recruiting draenei? What on earth was this!? This I had to see out myself.

Not before long me and the elf, named rn, were talking deeply together, and I showed her our saviour, the Naaru which had saved us from destruction and traveled with us to Azeroth. It was there that I learned the cause and motivation of this elf druid. She was apparently from some elite elven group who had protected their lands and forests for several years now. But now, after the opening of the Dark Portal, they were given a new task, a task which would lead them into Outland... to Outland... to Draenor! Would this be the group which could help me get there myself? Would this be the opportunity which I needed? With a blink of a second, I joined them. I don't know if it was wise decision nor a good one, but something told me I could trust this elf. I don't know what it was, or how it affected me... but it gave me hope. Hope to reach to Draenor once again..

Now I will see if this trust to an elf will be the salvation of my people..

Or the death of me..

EDIT: PS. Feel free to comment and/or correct me in my writing! I am not even close to a professional writer and my english ain't flawless, so please correct me here and in other posts/threads I make if you see something worth correcting!! Thankee!! bounce

Ollahar Forestheart, lvl 70 Kaboomkin Ascendancy
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Nahandra, lvl 70 Huntardina, Ascendancy

*** Semi-retired Wow-player, newfound lotro-geek***
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Arriving into a new home.
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