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 Where it all began.

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PostSubject: Where it all began.   Thu Apr 26, 2007 5:52 pm

It was late one night I decided to contact Árín about joining the Sentinels, so I sent her a letter and hoped for a reply...

"Meet in the park for an interview, 5 minutes..."

I remember rushing excitedly, thinking about how I was going to persuade Árín to let me in... My friend Shika, in the shadows behind me for moral support. 5 minutes later, I walked up the stairs to the fake moonwell in Stormwind Park. Heading towards a tall, important, Elven woman with a rather large staff on her back. That's what I remember thinking...

"If I upset her, will she hit me with it...?"

Surprisingly, I was greeted with a kind smile and a hearty hello. A few minutes later, after vigorous interrogation about my past experience, and many nervous jokes (by me) I was granted "Watcher" status in the Darnassus Sentinels.

That's how it began. The start of an era.

My first guild meeting... I remember approaching the stairs of the temple and seeing the Sentinels in formation. Swelling with pride, I stepped into line. Galendingo, my first mentor, and Sentinel was assigned to tutor me until he saw that I was fit to promotion (much to his dismay).

"Wait, he's a rogue... I'm a hunter... Surely he'd be better off with Firez?"

Reassuring words from my first ever mentor.

(( To be continued...

P.S - This is all entirely true, and this is how I started out in the Sentinels... Well, after a little dramatization anyway. ^_^ ))

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Where it all began.
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