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 Cornered [RP]

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PostSubject: Cornered [RP]   Wed Apr 25, 2007 3:14 pm


Several days after the strange incident in the SI:7 Headquarters, the gnome operative known as 'Curtis Shock' decided to settle down and stay hidden for awhile, in a small deserted house in Stormwind. For it was he who caused the incident. It was he, who brutally killed three SI:7 operatives. All of them were his comrades and friends, but it did not seem to matter to him right at that moment. Something made him see things differently.

However, the 'effect' did not last forever. But now he is cornered by thoughts concerning the actual incident, how it happened, and also if it was connected with his murderous past or not...

But there's also something else cornering him... For he have been having very, very bad dreams as of late.


(( http://profile.imeem.com/tNXB4J/music/H2f_I_RP/3_09_tower_of_stars/ ))


On a rugged bed in the small deserted house, Curtis Shock was sitting. There he have been sitting for most of the time since the incident, escaping the Law, and having sad thoughts about almost everything.

Curtis: All this time I have been trying to redeem myself... To become a normal man again, and not...

He sighed heavily and a small tear started to form.

Curtis: ... A murderer... Oh god, I regret it so much! And now... I felt it Again, after all this time... I have been trying so hard! So hard! To be able to see my family again... My dear sister!... And just FORGET all the other... Bad... Things... ... ... I even thought I would be able to use my real name again, after all this! Curtis Hingesprock once again... And not... The Shock!

He sighed once more and shut his eyes.

Curtis: But now that's never going to happen, is it... But why... When did I deserve it? What did I do? I could not help it then, and I could not help it this time... It is not Me! WHY would I EVER want to truly hurt people?... It is as if I can't controll myself!... That evening... Something spoke to me, and it sounded just So right... But now... I have no idea!

He jumped down from the bed, and now stood in the middle of the room, looking around without really knowing why.

Curtis: So why. Why? Why make my small life so miserable? When did I deserve it? The one in my dreams, is that it? Is that the one?... ... ... I don't deserve it.

He felt something, and the room seemingly started to sway alittle. It was an eerie feeling. Curtis looked around the room some more, thinking he would see someone.

Curtis: It's you... Isn't it... You're the one... You are there. But no one can see you, can they... I know you are there... And you can hear me too... Well listen very closely, wherever you are...

He started to feel slightly dizzy, but still continued.

Curtis: ... ... ... I have already lived my part of the "Cruel Life" we all supposedly go through... And I don't deserve to suffer the cruelty of being alone again!... I have been on my own almost all this time, only being able to trust a few friends, whom are all now dead, by "my" hands...

Everything felt slower as he turned around some more. There was a presence in the room.

Curtis: I... Deserve... To live my life now, as it should be... ... ... With family and friends!... I deserve to live as Curtis Hingesprock again! Let me... Let me see my sister... Without... Being... The bad guy... Let me see Leaf!

Then, as he made a final turn to the door that lead into the room...

Curtis: How... Did that... Get... Uhhhhhhhh~

Having no power left to stand, the gnome fell to the floor and doze off. There was a Rocket Helmet lying on the floor, close to the door. It had not been there before.

A very weak sound was heard inside the room that Curtis was now lying in. It was like a low voice, coming from no particular place in the room. Like a small breeze of sound.

???: ... And what about us who has to live the cruel part of life, every hour, every day, without the likes of you... Chum...
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Cornered [RP]
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